Monday, March 11, 2013

Ball Handling Drills and Routine

1.      Start out doing each of the following exercises 10 times and go both clockwise and counterclockwise with the ball. Go as fast as possible. If you feel yourself getting tired take a 10 second break and then continue. For an extra challenge, start the whole exercise over if you drop the basketball.
2.      As you get faster, you can add repetitions up to 20, 30, 40 times in each direction. The amount of repetitions will depend on how much time you have to practice your ball handling.
3.      A good 10-minute ball handling routine goes something like this:
a.       Around the legs
b.      Around the waist
c.       Around the head
d.      Around the legs, around the waist, around the head, and back down
e.      Around the right leg
f.        Around the left leg
g.       Figure eight, around both legs
h.      This is a little tricky: Go around both legs and then step your left leg back, as if you were in a sprinters stance, and go around your front right leg. Bring the left leg back up with the right leg and go around both legs again. Now, step your right leg back and go around your left leg. Bring your right leg back up. This counts as one rep. This process sounds complicated, but once you get it down, it should be fluid movements of stepping back and forth.

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