Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dribble while you watch TV!

Every day when you watch your after school shows get in some dribble time. There’s a few different ways to dribble while you watch TV. One way is to lay on your side, prop your head up with one arm while the other hand dribbles. When your arm gets tired just switch sides and dribble with your other hand. A second way is to lay on your back and simply dribble with one hand on one side of your body. Again, if you get tired just switch hands.

A third way to dribbling while watching TV is to sit on your butt, spread your legs a little, and dribble between your legs. This is one of my favorite drills because there’s a lot you can do with it. Try these different dribbles and make it into a routine. Dribble with both hands, then both thumbs, next both index fingers, and keep moving through all your fingers. Go as fast as you can! Once you get good at that, try to dribble with one finger at a time. When your finger gets tired, switch to the other finger on the other hand. Again, go as fast as you can!

Go ninja and karate chop the ball with both hands, use your knuckles, or use your fists to pound the ball. Try to get so fast at the two hand dribbles that it sounds like a typewriter or a drum in a marching band. Ask your parents before you start dribbling in the house!

As a side note, if anyone ever makes fun of you for dribbling or having a basketball with you, don’t worry about it. Remember you’re the one who wants to be in the newspaper. You’re the one who wants to play college ball on a scholarship. Plus, soon enough when you have sick handles in the game, they won’t be making jokes any longer.

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