Thursday, March 14, 2013

Use a Heavy Ball to Build Strength

          Dribble with a heavy ball. A heavy ball is basically a basketball with some extra weight to it. Using a heavy ball will increase you strength and get you to dribble harder and more forceful with a regular ball. The harder dribbling with allow you to make quicker moves and give your opponent less of an opportunity to steal the ball. Plus when you’re driving in to the lane or playing against a rough defender, the stronger dribbling is key to not turning the ball over. Another tip is to use the heavy basketball with all your ball handling drills to add an extra challenge.

After you dribble with this ball for 10 minutes a regular ball will literally feel like a feather. It’s quite amazing. It’s almost like you’re dribbing a ball with the weight of a beach ball. And I guarantee you’ll never felt more in control of your basketball. If you’re a weak passer the heavy basketball will help with that too. After you throw 100 passes with the heavy ball, throwing a hard chest pass with a regular basketball will be a breeze. To buy a heavy ball visit Here is a tutorial video:

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