Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dribbling Drills With a Chair

Use a chair as a defender. If you have two chairs, even better. Set up each chair on the top corners of the paint box also called the “elbows”. Start at half court and dribble hard to the chair and make a quick crossover, reverse, between-the-legs, behind-the-back, in-and-out (whichever move you choose) and go to the hoop. Finish with a lay-up of a jump shot. If you miss the shot then rebound quickly and put the shot back up like you got a rebound in the game.

If you have even more chairs set them up around a full court and do dribbling moves down the whole court at each chair like you were getting full court pressure and finish with a lay-up. Do this drill a couple times and it will be a great workout for any baller.

You can use cones, however I like chairs because they are larger and better represent a defender. See the videos below for more dribbling drills to practice for the basketball camps this summer!

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