Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Look Up When You Dribble!

     Stare at the hoop when practicing dribbling. When you’re in the game, playing real ball, you can’t be looking down at what you’re doing with the ball. You must be looking up, directing your players, and looking for opportunities to either score or pass. So start looking up when you’re practicing. Looking at the wall or hoop when dribbling is a must so that you’re prepared in the game. Perfect practice makes perfect.

If you’re having trouble keeping your head up, purchase dribbles goggles. They are a personal favorite that I used to not look at the ball. They block your vision of the ball so you can’t see the ball at all when dribbling and are forces to look up. To learn more about them, visit youth-basketball-camps.com, your go to site for basketball camps.

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