Saturday, March 30, 2013

Perfecting the Basketball Follow Through

Follow through with your shot. And by follow through I mean the arm you leave in the air after a shot. To develop the habit, when practicing, hold your arm (or follow through) in the air until the ball hits the ground. On the follow through, your wrist should flick down. Watch any professional player who has a good shooting percentage to see examples of their follow through. All the best highlights of Michael Jordan shooting show great form.


Another tip on follow through form. Your elbow should be above your ear. Every single time. This will ensure a high arc on your shot. Which is crucial to make a high percentage of your shots.  Look, it may be difficult to change up and get into the habit of leaving a follow through or getting your elbow high on your shot. That’s fine. That’s what practice is for. Don’t try to change this up in the game. Practice is where you perfect your form, not in the actual game.

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