Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Throw a Tennis Ball in the Mix

      Throw a tennis ball in the mix. Similar to two-ball dribbling, doing dribbling drills with a tennis ball forces you to do two things at once and increases your ability to think while dribbling. Also, catching the tennis ball will force you to keep your head up while dribbling which is key to becoming a great basketball dribbler. There are many drills to do with a tennis ball. If you’re by yourself you can simply dribble a basketball with one hand and use the other hand to throw the tennis ball against the wall. Or get a friend to toss you a tennis ball as you dribble.

Also, put the basketball down and try just dribbling with a tennis ball. Try a cross over, between the legs and behind the back move. Can you dribble the full court at a full speed? These drills will increase your finger tip skills and hand, eye coordination. Here is a video on tennis ball dribbling drills:

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