Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Using your body and arm while dribbling

Use your body as a shield between your defender and the ball and use the arm that isn’t dribbling to protect the ball. When you’re receiving a lot of pressure from your defender, your body is your best friend. Making sure your body is between the defender and the ball ensures the defender won’t steal the ball. The space created will also give you enough time to make a move if the defender tries to steal the ball. 

When a defender is giving you pressure keep the arm not dribbling the ball out and bent with a fist. This arm will keep the defense at such a distance that they cannot steal the ball. Be careful not the use your arm too aggressively to hit the defender to swat their arm down because this could be called a foul. This shielding technique is one of the first skills taught at many summer basketball camps. Watch the videos below for more basketball information:

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