Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Avoid the Lob Pass at all Costs

No lob passes. Too many turnovers are caused by the lob. Players will lazily throw the lob when they should have given a solid bounce pass. Forget about the lob and commit less turnovers. The only lob that you may possibly consider is into the post. If your coach tells you to throw a lob in the post, then do it. The preferable pass would be to fake the lob and then give a quick bounce pass into the post.

Hopefully the player you’re throwing the pass to will have read my earlier post about showing where you want to ball. Always throw the lob away from the defender and to where you teammates wants the ball in the post. On the right side, left side, or behind the defender? Make sure there’s some strength on it because every defender will have their eye on the lob to see if they can steal it.

Here's the lob pass, but try not to do it:

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