Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Basketball is all mental, my friends

90% of shooting is mental. Don’t believe me? Try to make 10 swishes in a row right in front of the basket. Did you do it? Now try talking to your friend while making 10 swishes in a row. Harder to do isn’t it? If you practice with your head out of shooting, and your mental game out the window, then you’re going to bring that into the game. To improve your mental game, focus on every shot. Once you get the form down in practice, remember to look at the middle of the hoop, don’t focus on the ball after a shot, and hold up that follow through.

This may sound a little crazy, but hear me out. When you have some free time, close your eyes and image you perfect shot. Imagine running off that screen, think about your footwork, think about where you will catch the ball, think about how the ball will feel, think about bending your knees, think about your shooting form, think about where you’re going to aim on your shot, think about the ball releasing from your hands, think about your follow through form, an think about the ball swishing through the hoop.

This is called visualization and it’s a technique many pros use to prepare for basketball games. The idea is that you’ll be better prepared for the game and how to play if you visualize yourself already there. Imagine all parts of a basketball game, but especially shooting because it is a 90% mental game. Visualize it!

 What does MJ say?:

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