Thursday, April 25, 2013

Communicate: Let your teammates know their worth

Everyone, and I mean everyone, on a basketball team is important. Whether you’re the leading scorer or the guy who keeps track of rebounds for the best players, you have a role. The key to developing a good team is letting everyone on the team know they are important.

 Realize this if you’re one of the players who don’t get to play that much. Every encouragement and every compliment is creating a positive energy for everyone to feed off of and play better. Plus, every time you play hard in practice, you’re making the starting players get better, as well as improving your own skills.

But, if you get a lot of playing time and are a leader of a team, it is crucial that you let everyone know their worth. A simple thank you to the players doing things for you can be helpful. Don’t be afraid to ask for players on the bench to help your with your game. Ask for their advice with your opponent. Maybe something you couldn’t see or pick up on, like your opponents offensive plays. Where are the picks coming from.

To be a true leader on the court, you can’t just lead by example. It has to come from your mouth as well. Leading by example will only get you so far. Basketball is a team sport. It is a people sport. There’s motivation and hard work and players sacrificing for the betterment of the team. It’s not all shots made, rebounds, and plays. Talk to your players, keep them motivated, and let them know their worth.

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