Monday, April 8, 2013

Dont do "The Dip" When Shooting!

     This is a poor habit many average basketball players develop. Heck even many good basketball players have this bad habit. But, none of the great one’s have this habit. Many times players will catch a good pass right at their chest and they drop the ball to their waist and then bring it back up before hey shoot it. You never want to do this because the defender will get the opportunity to block your shot just by putting their hand at your waist to block the ball from coming up. Plus, just like we just talked about on a previous blog post, this will slow down your shot, which is fatal against good, quick teams. I think players develop this habit of dropping the ball to their waist before shooting because it comfortable. 

It’s not comfortable to catch the ball, take a step, bend your knees and keep the ball at your chest before a shot. It’s just hard to get in the habit of doing. But like I said f you ever want to be great it’s something that needs to be developed.

Here's another technique for a quick shot:

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