Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Master the Lay Up!

How often do you see people miss the simple lay up? Most likely pretty often. Even though it’s one of the easiest shots in basketball, players still miss the shot like crazy. Why do they miss it? Because they don’t practice it at full speed in a game like situation.

If you want to master the lay-up you have to practice it with two different techniques. The first is to recreate a game like situation by starting the lay-up at half court, just like you were on a fast break. By starting it at half court you will become tired like you were in a real game situation. Take a couple of full speed, hard dribbling and go to the rim hard.

They second way to become good at lay-ups is to get someone to foul you like it is the real game. When you practice lay-ups, get your dad, friend, teammate, to foul you harder than you would get in the game. Practicing with this type of fouling will better prepare you for real game experiences. Plus, if you get good at finishing when fouled, you’ll be more likely to make an And 1 play.

I remember in middle school, I had a basketball coach who was also also a football coach. One practice he brought in the football hitting pads to bump us when shooting lay-ups. That exercise was probably one of the most beneficial ones we did all year. I also remember my friend and I fouling each other as hard as we could so we would get tougher when shooting layups. Practice getting fouled and get tough on your lay ups! Works on these lay ups this summer at a basketball camp! Boost your skills before the school season starts!

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