Monday, April 8, 2013

One of the hardest bad habits to break in basketball!

      After you shoot, keep your eye on the hoop, not the ball. We’re all tempted to watch the ball in the air after a shot. It’s natural for us to want to see where the ball is going when we shoot. But, it’s one of those small things that can greatly affect our shot. This is a very difficult habit to develop because we all want to know what our ball is doing after we shoot it. But, don’t worry we know where it’s going. It’s going towards the hoop. 

The problem with looking at the ball after you shoot, is the distraction it creates before the shot. Your whole focus should be the hoop and where you’re putting the ball in that hoop. The more distractions you have the less likely the ball is going to go where you want it. This will take great discipline, but if you want to be a great shooter one day, you have to master this skill. When you shot, never let your eyes leave the rim.
Some coaches also recommend not even trying to rebound after a long shot. Thinking about rebounding your shot even before you shot it can throw off your focus and form. Even if it’s a  10 percent chance that your shot is more likely to go in if you don’t worry about rebounding your ball, then I’d say that’s an excellent improvement. 

As always summer basketball camps are the best place to break this habit!

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