Monday, April 15, 2013

Get tough and draw a foul on the defender!

Draw fouls whenever possible. One difference between a good player and a great player is their ability to draw a foul. A large aspect of basketball is your quality of shots. Shooting low percentage shots like fade-aways is a lot worse than drawing fouls and shooting high percentage free throws. Plus, if you can draw a foul and make the shot, an And 1 can give you an extra point. Think about the percentage shots you are taking and consider drawing fouls whenever possible.

The best move to draw fouls when shooting is pump fake. Use it to get your opponent in the air and then shoot to draw the foul. A drive and jump stop into the paint is the best place and move to draw a foul. Everyone who plays defense tries to block shots in the paint, which is the weakness of the defense. The opponent who tries to block the most shots will most likely also foul the most. Go after that guy, jump stop, pump fake, and you’ll be on the foul line in no time.

Look for highlights on Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and even go old school with Allen Iverson to see great players drawing fouls. And they aren’t even big men! You can see that one of the keys to drawing fouls is going into the paint with toughness and tenacity. You can't draw fouls if you're afraid of being hit. Hitting up the weight room, and doing strength exercises will build this toughness. But, look at Iverson. He was small, not very big muscles, but as tough as they come. He couldn't have led the NBA in scoring without drawing all those fouls. Of course summer basketball camps are a great place to perfect drawing the foul!

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