Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Take Charges!

Charges are what the tough-nose ballers take. They’re crucial to take, and anyone who takes them will be a huge defensive asset for their team.

Four things to remember when taking a charge: plant your feet, protect yourself, yell, and slide you butt on the floor. Plant your feet so you don’t get called for blocking, protect the family jewels, yell to gain the refs attention, and push off and slide on your butt when you hit the floor so your butt doesn’t take all the impact.

If you’ve never taken a charge in a game before, you may need to work on a charge drill to get your confidence up. A simple drill to work on charges is to have a friend drive to the basket and you just stand in front of him or her and take the charge. Get used to hitting the ground and sliding on your butt. It doesn’t even hurt. Learn how to fall. Never try to catch your fall with your hands because it will definitely hurt the wrists.

Taking charges are a skill that separates the good players from the great players. Watch any playoff games and you’ll see the best players in the NBA taking charges. No one is ever too good to take a charge. Outside the box thinking: the best players on the other team are most likely to drive to the basket and score. When you take a charge you not only get the ball back, but you draw a foul on the other teams best scorers and the more fouls they have the more timid they’ll play. AND they will be more hesitant to drive to the hoop when they know you may take a charge on them. Get tough and take charges!


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