Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Jump Stop is Your Best Friend

           A jump stop is often better than a lay-up. If you don’t know what a jump stop is, it’s when you drive to the basket, but instead of a lay-up, you jump in the air and land on both of your feet. With a jump stop, you can use a pump fake to draw a foul. Plus, if you don’t have a shot then you can make a quick pass, which is much harder to do with a lay-up. Another plus of a jump stop is you will also prevent the defense from taking charges. Because on a jump stop you will jump straight in the air without any momentum going forward. 

Make sure to land on both feet at the same time. If you land on one foot and then the other, it may be called a travel. Refs love to call this against you.

Using a jump stop is also a great way to draw a foul. Do a quick pump fake as if you were going to shoot the ball to get your defender in the air. Once in the air your defender is helpless to your next move which is an actual shot and will draw a foul. Every great player has this move in their skills bank to use and consistently get to the foul line. In the Point Guard College basketball camp the jump stop is one of the most important moves they teach.

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