Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Use your hands and talk to show you're open on offense

Show ‘em where you want it. This means if you want to receive a pass from another player, then put your palms out like you’re ready to receive a pass. If you’re running around with a hand in a pocket and a thumb in your mouth, then no one will get you the ball. Show ‘em you want it!

This is extremely important for the big men in the post. If you’re a Big man, when you’re working hard to get a position in the post, let the guards know where you want the ball and call for it when you’re ready. Say “ball” after you get a good position and put the hand where you want to receive the ball either high or low. Signal this to the player passing where you want the ball. The more enthusiastic you look for the ball, the more likely someone will pass it to you. As always one of the best places to learn more about getting open is at basketball camps!

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