Friday, May 31, 2013

Be The First One In, Last One Out

Always strive to be the first one in the gym, first one into practice, first one at conditioning, and be the last one to leave. When you’re the first one in the gym, don’t just sit around waiting for your friends to show up or for the coach to start practice. Take this time to do some extra warming up, so you can hit practice full steam and begin with a good start. When you arrive early into practice you can also do shooting drills to work on your stroke.

An important benefit of coming to practice early that many young players don’t think about is that the coach will notice your drive and enthusiasm for the game and hopefully he or she will be more likely to put you in the game.

Don’t forget this also applies to being the last one to leave practice. When practice or conditioning is over, this is a great time to work on your free throws. It’s best to practice free throws when you’re tired just like a game time situation. And what better time to shoot free throws than at the end of practice.

Be the first one in and last one out and you’ll game will drastically improve because of it.

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