Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Never forget to stretch before and after playing!

You jump higher, run faster, and get injured less when your muscles are loose and stretched out. Injuries are a baller’s worst enemy. You can't hone your skills, you cant work out, you can't do anything but sit around and watch every one else play. Avoid injuries at all costs! Get in the habit of doing stretches every day on your own. Some players only stretch when the team is doing it before practice. Try to get in the habit of doing it every morning before school or before you go to sleep.

A good time to stretch is in front of the TV. Just like dribbling in front of the TV, instead of sitting on the couch, spend the time wisely. Do some stretching exercises while watching your favorite TV shows is on.

A lot of players don’t realize this, but stretching can actually make you jump higher and run faster. Loosening those muscles isn’t just to avoid an injury. Top athletes go to stretching expects to loosen their muscles and teach them exercises they can do themselves. Stretching, just do it!

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