Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No sugar before playing a game!

No sugar before playing a game! Sugar is like an energy vampire. It will suck energy right out of you. Some kids will eat candy or drink soda before practice or the game and you will get some quick energy called a “sugar rush” but shortly after eating the sugar there will also be a “sugar crash” and is will soak up all you energy. Gatorade can be good during a came because you will be replenishing electrolytes, but drinking a Gatorade before the game can still give you that sugar rush and crash. Water is the way to go!


I’m going to go ahead and throw energy drinks in this post too. Energy drinks are not only loaded with sugar, but caffeine as well. Caffeine is a great energy boost for the short term. You may feel good at first, running around the court like a bat out of a cave, but the crash is inevitable and miserable. Plus, caffeine will also make you more dehydrated and is never a good idea to take before conditioning.

So, keep the energy drinks to a minimum, including a 5 hour energy shot. Stay away from that!

If you’re looking for some energy before the big game or before practice, I recommend a Vitamin C boost. There are a ton of products, such as Emergen-C, that make this vitamin C boost. If will give you a small jolt of energy with no crash. And it’s great for your immune system, so hopefully you’ll be sick less and can stay on your game. Of course a good night’s rest and a big breakfast is the best way to keep you going all day long.

And never, never bring candy to a basketball camp!

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