Monday, June 3, 2013

Every Baller Needs A Fresh Pair Of Shoes

The shoes won’t make the player, but it definitely helps your image. Plus, part of being a baller is knowing about all the new basketball shoes. What pros wear them, the special colors, and cutting edge technologies.

The best place to buy basketball shoes? Nike factory outlet. The shoes are a little bit older, but you can find shoes there for up to 75% off. And sometimes they sell the crazy colors that you can’t buy in stores. Which is perfect for any baller because to be a baller you have to be unique. Personally, I’ve bought all gold shoes, all blue shoes, all red shoes. All purchased at Nike Factory at a discount.

And if you really want to customize your shoes go to The shoes will be more expensive, but you can customize your entire shoe. Choose from dozens of colors and you can get something written on your shoe, such as your favorite number. Eastbay magazine has good deals too. You can try on shoes in the store and then order them for a cheaper price or different color on Get some fresh shoes for this year’s summer basketball camps!

Best basketball shoes ever?:

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