Monday, June 10, 2013

High Tops and Athletic Soles

In addition to being a baller with fresh shoes, you also want to be a smart baller. A smart baller needs shoes that are comfortable and will prevent injuries. Wear high tops to avoid spraining your ankle. Some say high tops and low tops don’t matter. They say if you’re going to sprain your ankle, you’re going to sprain your ankle.

While I do believe that’s true for the worst ankles injuries, I don’t think it’s true for the little ankle tweaks. Sometimes you just make a wrong movement and twist your ankle a little and you can stop yourself from a complete sprain. This is where I believe high tops help prevent worse ankle injuries. Buy the high tops!

To make your shoes more comfortable, buy athletic soles. They can usually be found at any shoe store like Finish Line or Foot Locker. The cushioned sole will keep your feet in good shape for long workouts and are perfect for the long hours at a summer basketball camp! Once you wear them, you’ll never want to play without.

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