Monday, June 3, 2013

Play In Rough and Tough Conditions

Playing in rough and tough conditions will only make playing in good conditions easier. The difficult conditions I’m talking about are dirty, slippery floors. Or a basketball that has no grip. Or in outside windy conditions that make jump shots difficult. Or a gym that doesn’t have air conditioning. Or playing against players who foul a lot and follow the rule “no blood, no foul”.

Here's a perfect example of why you want to practice in rough conditions. Got to get tough against a defense like this:

Playing on a dirty, slippery floor will only make playing on a clean sticky floor easier. Playing with an old slippery ball will only make playing with a new ball easier. Playing outside in rough conditions will only make playing inside easier. Playing against player who foul the crap out of you will only make playing with referees easier. Don’t complain if you have to play under these conditions, just accept it and play your hardest. Always remember this is good practice for your future. Tighten up!

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