Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Street-Ball Lingo

Often, young players are intimidated by the pick-up games at the rec or street courts. You walk up to the court, there’s a game going on, you see players sitting around and you want to play, but you don’t know what to do.

Here’s what to do: Get some courage, walk up to someone and ask, “Who’s got next?” This basically means who is picking the players for the next game on the court. They will either say I do or point to whoever does. If no one has next then say "I've got next", which basically means you're playing next game. Keep in mind if you do call next, you may have to pick the four other players. It all depends on court rules.

If someone already has next, ask them: “You got five?” This means, do you have five players for the game? They’ll either say they don’t and will pick you up to play or will say, “Naw, we have five”. At this point, ask who’s got after them.

You'll have to know the rules to play against these guys:

Repeat this process until you found the last player with “next” and ask if they need another player. If they don’t need more players, then say:

“I got after (the name of the last guy who got next).” Example: “I got next after Mike”. Make sure you remember every ones names because next time you play, it will be easier to find out who has next. Plus, learning a few names may make you a few friends. Also, you may need to use this newly learned terminology at a summer basketball camp!

Don't play pick-up like these guys:

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